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Protecting your hardwood flooring this Christmas

Protecting your hardwood flooring this Christmas

There’s no more challenging time to ensure your hardwood flooring is kept in tip top condition than over the Christmas period.

With all the family over, Christmas presents being exchanged and furniture moved about, your floors are more prone to getting scratched and damaged than usual.

Take steps to protect your floor and save yourself money in repairs! Once you’ve invested in your beautiful hardwood floor, it’s important to educate yourself on how to look after it properly. If you take steps to take care of the floor it will remain a part of your family for many years to come! It should be treated with respect as with any household investment.

When investing in hardwood flooring it is a big financial investment so it’s important to be aware of the care tips so you minimise risk of damage.

Basic steps

First and foremost, hardwood flooring requires regular maintenance. If you want an easy, low maintenance option, this may not be for you. The floor needs protecting against scratches and scrapes and can be damaged if precautions are not taken.

To keep your floor looking shiny and showhome-esque, it’s a good idea to clean it with either wax-based cleaners or natural products like olive oil.

In fact, alternating between these cleaners is recommended for the best result.

On a daily basis, dry cleaning is recommended to avoid abrasive particles getting trapped between furniture and floor or under footwear.

Soluble dirt can be removed with damp cleaning, whereas polish can fill small gaps in the seal if scratches are beginning to show.

Be aware of changes in your hardwood flooring

As it is a natural product, unlike other similar man-made products your, hardwood floor will expand and contract. This is a normal feature of wood flooring and should not be a concern. However, a problem could arise if the floor is rising and dipping unnaturally. This can result from humidity, damp or standing water.

General wear and tear

Furniture protectors made from cloth can be used under the legs of the tables to prevent scratching from heavy furniture. Felt or rubber is a good option for these protectors but rubber may scuff the floor so it may be advisable to choose felt. Make sure the felt is thick enough to withstand the pressure of the furniture, according to its weight.

It’s good practice to encourage guests to remove their shoes to reduce the exposure of abrasive footwear to the floor.

Some people however feel that scratches and natural wear can add to the character of the flooring so it’s a case of personal preference.

Vacuuming regularly can prevent a build-up of dust and renewing the finish with sanding and a fresh coating can rejuvenate a tired hardwood floor.


And if a problem does occur…

Sanding can be used to revive your flooring if unattractive scratches appear but it’s best to take the correct steps to prevent this happening in the first place to avoid expensive repair bills. Avoid dropping large, heavy objects on the floor where possible or take steps to minimise the risk of this occurring as this can lead to damage of the surfaces or cracking, which can be costly to repair.

Are you thinking of installing hardwood flooring or need some more advice on how to protect your floor this winter? Drop a line to our team of experts, who will be happy to answer any questions.

And if you’d like to share with us your own hints and tips for protecting your hardwood flooring, be sure to let us know on Twitter or Facebook.

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