The Growing Trend Of Timber Buildings

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Gone are the days when a skyscraper would be created solely from steel beams and concrete. The future of new builds is becoming increasingly timber building based, and it’s a truly exciting new construction phase.

We’ve talked previously about timber-frame buildings and its benefits, but why are timber buildings growing in popularity?

Developing Timber Industry

First, it’s due to the development of the timber industry. Developments in engineered timber buildings, such as cross-laminated timber and glulam, are creating new opportunities for medium-rise timber construction, and now more than ever, the building industry is paying attention.

Benefits of Timer Within Medium-Rise Construction


Sustainable Timber Buildings

The real benefits of using timber in medium-rise construction are quite vast – engineered timber products create a renewable resource which offers ease of use, speedy and safe installation, carbon sequestration, low embodied energy, and save you time. Wood is a sustainable material which is not only renewable but also stores carbon dioxide instead of emitting it, like concrete buildings.

Insulating Timber Buildings

Additionally, although probably not important to property developers, wooded buildings are much warmer than metal buildings – 400x warmer. Wood is a natural insulator, and stores heat throughout the day, emitting it at night when the heat of the day fades.

It’s not surprising, then, that this trend is growing in popularity, and we’re seeing increasingly medium to high-rise timber buildings being constructed.

Record-Breaking Timber Buildings

In 2016 the world’s tallest timber building was completed. At 18 storeys high, Brock Commons in Canada has smashed records and opened up a discourse about how wooden skyscrapers can become a common occurrence.

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