Creating stunning landscaping timber structures

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Timber continues to be a material of choice for those looking to create beautiful and durable landscaping timber structures. Using timber allows architects and contractors to create great looking designs, with versatile materials that bring biophilic elements to differing builds. But, with so many choices of timber available, it can be confusing as to what the best solutions are.

Types of Landscaping Timber Structures


Hardwood and Softwood Decking

Softwood and hardwood timbers are two great solutions for decking.

Softwood decking is manufactured from coniferous or evergreen trees and is often chosen for decking projects due to its versatile nature. Considered a more eco-friendly option in comparison to hardwood timber, softwoods offer a great natural aesthetic. International Timber stocks European Redwood Decking.

Hardwood decking is sourced from slow-growing deciduous trees and typically takes longer to grow than softwoods, which makes them more expensive to purchase. However, despite being slightly more expensive, hardwood decking is considered easier to maintain than softwood decking. This is because hardwood deck boards are equipped with a natural resistance to decay and rot, whilst also being less likely to suffer scratches or marks. International Timber stock Yellow Balau Decking, which currently is not undergoing any supply issues, and has very short lead times.

For those seeking low-maintenance decking, composite decking is a great alternative to hardwood and softwood. This type of timber is a man-made mix of wood fibres, plastic and bonding agents, combined to make a strong, durable and low-maintenance product that has an authentic wooden aesthetic. We offer an excellent range of composite decking UK boards. This includes our collection of Dura Deck Eco composite decking boards and the Dura Deck Resist 150 range, both of which are engineered to the highest standards. All of our composite deck boards are manufactured from recycled materials and are FSC certified, so you can rest assured that with us, you’ll receive high quality and eco-friendly products.

As part of our decking range, we also offer anti-slip decking. This is perfect for use on steps and other potential slip hazards, using in-built anti-slip strips, designed to prevent slips and falls.


International Timber offers a full range of sleepers, popular for landscaping timber projects. Sleepers offer great versatility and can be used for a variety of landscaping projects from simple decorative pieces to more practical solutions, such as separating sections. International Timber offers treated softwood sleepers and also 3 grades of European oak sleepers.

Fence Panels

Here at International Timber we provide a full range of fencing slats, with many being available on very short lead times.  With slats available in a range of timbers, including cedar, larch and treated redwood, we can cater for most projects. Timber fencing slats can be created in small sections. These are machined into sizes normally of three inches by two inches by four inches. Our slats can create interesting designs when using a mixture of the three, or two different species. Recent trends have also seen slats being used to create horizontal designs, creating stunning features that go against the norm.

Timber is a great material to create long-lasting and stylish landscaping timber structures. International Timber has some great species of timber in stock right now, with very short lead times.

Visit our decking page to view our decking range in full, or get in touch to discuss your landscaping timber needs.

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