International Timber offers another dimension in solid hardwood flooring that is full of character and beauty – just as nature intended. Solid timber floors blend durability and excellent acoustic properties making them ideal for commercial, leisure and residential applications.

The choice of product available in the range is concentrated to three species of hardwood, American White Oak, European Oak and American Black Walnut. The theme throughout the range is a wide plank specification, with an average length of 2m. Product is available tongue and groove two long edges for secret nail fixing in country or prime grade, or tongue and groove all edges in character grade, with a choice of unfinished, lacquered or oiled finishes to suit your requirement. Hardwood flooring is a natural product that reacts to changes in relative humidity. Hardwood will gain and lose moisture as the surrounding conditions change, which will lead to the floor expanding when humidity is high and shrinking when humidity is low, a condition generally experienced in winter when homes are closed and heated. It is imperative to follow the installation guidelines supplied and to ensure the product is installed by a qualified flooring specialist.