International Timber Commits to Net-Zero Carbon Emissions by 2045

International Timber Commits to Net-Zero Carbon Emissions by 2045

In 2019, with our parent company, Saint-Gobain, we made a commitment to reach net-zero carbon emissions by 2045 by signing the pledge of the UN Global Compact’s Business ambition for 1.5°C. The initiative aims to help cap global temperate rise to 1.5°C.

This ambition is part of a strategy that the Saint-Gobain Group has been deploying for several years to limit its environmental impact and contribute to decarbonisation of its markets. As a Group we are already committed to reducing our CO2 by 20% between 2010 and 2025.

Our long-term vision for sustainability is to lead the industry and become pioneers in carbon-negative building materials.

Where do carbon emissions come from?

Planes, power stations, cars and industrial plants are some of the biggest producers of greenhouse gasses, but a significant contributor to carbon emissions is the built environment and infrastructure. Buildings and their construction together account for around 39% of global CO2 emissions.

DID YOU KNOW that almost half of all industrial sector emissions come from the manufacturing of three materials – concrete, steel and aluminium? Therefore, changing the materials we use in construction is key to reducing our carbon footprint.

Why is reducing carbon emissions important?

The world is at a turning point. We’ve moved from “climate change” to “climate crisis” and by introducing carbon neutrality through carbon-saving measures, we can nurture the earth’s atmosphere back to a stable point.

What we are doing to achieve the 2045 carbon neutral target

In 2020, thanks to the introduction of sustainable and energy-efficient practices, we decreased our energy usage by 14% year on year across all sites and will be implementing energy-saving technology to reduce our energy usage further. Besides already switching to a renewable energy supplier we’re continuing to investment in LED lighting and efficient dust extraction systems. We believe that small steps like this are instrumental in helping us hit the 2045 carbon-neutral target.

In line with this, in February, the Northern Region of Saint-Gobain, of which we are part, announced the creation of the Northern Region Carbon Fund to help us accelerate our net-zero carbon journey by funding projects, large and small, that reduce our carbon emissions. A Net Zero Carbon Colleague Assembly has also been established, giving our staff a direct say on what larger carbon-reducing projects are supported by a wider fund.

Besides efforts to become carbon neutral in our own operations, we also aim to improve the sustainability of our supply chain. We do this by making it easier for contractors, developers and manufacturers to contribute to their own carbon efficiency goals by specifying carbon-neutral timber from sustainable sources.

Timber is a quick win when it comes to contributing to the carbon neutrality deadline

Of all the main building materials, we’ve seen timber grow in popularity as a building agent. It offers great insulation, is easy to work with, offers a quick build time and most importantly acts as a carbon store for as long as a building stands, or the timber is used. Once timber reaches the end of its life cycle, it is fully biodegradable, which means it can be broken down naturally. This feature ensures the lifecycle of timber is green from start to finish.

How do we ensure our products are sustainable?

We travel the globe to source the best and most sustainable timber and ensure it is sourced from well-managed, credibly certified forests so risk of deforestation is eliminated. Our range of timber and panel products is one of the largest and most comprehensive offered in the UK. We specialise in the highest quality softwoods, hardwoods, clear softwoods, panel products and modified timber that can be sourced and shipped from our four sites.


Products we’re proud to provide

Accoya® is a high-performance sustainable timber product that will outlast and outperform other unmodified species. Spanning eight decades of research, Accoya combines past and present scientific wood acetylation study with a proprietary production process to deliver reliable commercial-scale results.


The Intelligence Range centres around bespoke engineered and modified products by International Timber. The wood is of superior quality to alternative foreign materials, and each piece of timber used comes with full FSC certification.

A project we’re proud of

Supplying Siberian Larch for Irish Glamping Estate

We teamed up with JP Corry to create eight new glamping pods at the Lorne Estate to form part of the new Robinson Village. We supplied Machined Siberian Larch square dressed cladding to create the pods. A hard, dense timber, renowned for its stability and ability to persevere under tough weather conditions, Machined Siberian Larch was the perfect choice of material for this project.

Campaigns we are proud to be part of

  • Wood for Good

Wood for Good is the timber industry’s campaign to promote the use of wood in design and construction. Their objective aligns with our own – to make wood a first-choice material for specifiers and designers.

  • Time for Timber

Highlighting how timber construction supports the economy and is key to reaching the net-zero carbon emissions target, Time for Timber provides useful guides and resources for the construction industry.

We’re here to help you lower your carbon footprint

We are here to provide you with the building materials you need and together we can help the UK reach the 2050 carbon-neutral target.

If you’d like to discuss your options before placing an order, please contact one of our timber consultants and they’ll point you in the right direction!

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