International Timber: Hardwood specialists

International Timber: Hardwood specialists

With nearly 50 years of timber expertise, International Timber is seen as one of the most trusted hardwood timber suppliers in the UK, selling upwards of 40+ hardwood species, with state-of-the-art milling facilities across the country and an incredibly sustainable ethos.

You deserve high-quality, ethically sourced hardwood timber with a quick turnaround. This is what we can offer you.

Timber species

Hardwoods are primarily used in construction and joinery due to their strength and durability.

We’ve been consistently adding to our product range over the past 48 years and we now proudly offer over 40 different hardwoods, which you can view right here.

Oh, and we have examples for you too – check out some of our most recent hardwood case studies:

Separately, we offer stair and flooring hardwood components.

Get your hardwoods, fast

Our milling facilities are situated strategically across the UK – in Scotland, Manchester, Wales and London – to ensure that our customers are never far from their deliveries. Similarly, we run a 7-day a week operation, meaning that once your order is placed, there will be a team of experienced professionals working on it almost immediately.

What this essentially means is that we offer an incredibly fast turnaround – we’re aware of the time sensitive nature of construction and joinery projects so we make sure that we don’t act as a bottleneck.

Back to basics

As fast paced as the timber and construction industries are evolving, there is still a marketplace need for the basics – including sawn lumber.

The most common type of timber cut, our hardwood sawn lumber can be used for beams, joists or rafters due to their hard-wearing, stiff nature. So, if you’re after high-quality, sustainably sourced, sawn lumber, International Timber is the hardwood expert you need.

Serving the environment

Timber is considered one of the most favourable construction materials available, and because of this it’s of utmost of importance that it’s harvested sustainably, with environmental nurturing and growth in mind.

At International Timber we operate within Saint Gobain’s Policy for Sustainability. This policy holds us accountable for all timber sourced and ensures that the work we carry out daily has minimal impact on the environment and is economically efficient.

To download our sustainability policy, click here. Additionally, our brand new Intelligence range uses off-the-shelf sections to engineer a bespoke timber to meet any client’s need. This ensures zero wastage whilst creating a solution to your woodworking problems.

Need any more information?

If you’d like to speak to a timber consultant to find out more about how we can help you with your hardwood timber needs, get in touch and we’ll be able to help you out.

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