International Timber supplies white oak to CoDE Hostels

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CoDE hostels

International Timber (IT) recently supplied timber to SJS who used the materials for their CoDE Hostel project, manufacturing sleeping pods for their signature spaces.

CoDE offers luxury hostel accommodation in their unique PoD beds with the emphasis on privacy, security and a great sleep.

American White Oak was used for the frontage of the pods, including cappings, cover plates and ladders. The materials used for the project were well-thought-out in order to maximise the visually quality, whilst ensuring the pods are hard-wearing and resilient.

The project ran very smoothly and was completed quickly and efficiently.

Darren Letford, SJS’s Assistant Production Manager said: “We have a good relationship with International Timber and we can rely on them to deliver quality products swiftly and professionally.

“We will undoubtedly progress our relationship with Timber further and we look forward to working closely with them on future projects.”

An International Timber representative said: “This is a great example of working with a team that we have a longstanding relationship with, which has helped us ensure a seamless and efficient project.

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