Your 2018 outdoor decking options

Your 2018 outdoor decking options

Believe it or not, summer is well on its way. Those long, lazy summer days spent lounging in your backyard are incoming, so we want to make sure your garden & decking are up to scratch and ready for summer.

At International Timber, we offer a lot of different decking options to suit a variety of homes and community areas, with furnishings to complement individual aesthetic – to give yourself an idea of what your home would look like with decking, visit our Dura Deck visualiser here.

Below, we’ll take you through five variations of timber decking, each with different properties and benefits – and as always, if you’d like more information, just give us a call! Okay, let’s get into it:

Composite Timber Decking

Dura Deck is produced from Wood Plastic Composite which is manufactured from a combination of recycled plastics and hardwood wastes. It is incredibly versatile which gives the traditional appearance of timber. Oh, and it’s also the first product of its kind to be 100% FSC Certified.

Dura Deck will not split, splinter or rot and is extremely stable. It requires absolutely no maintenance and has a high resistance against fungal attacks. No nails or screws need to go into the decking, creating a barefoot-friendly deck suitable for children and pets.

International Timber partners with Dura Deck to ensure customers are getting the exact style, design and durability they require. To get yourself off to a good start, use our Dura Deck visualiser here to see what board is best for you.

Gripsure Slip Resistant Decking

Perfect for those families with small children who just don’t stop, or residential/community areas that attract a lot of visitors, our slip resistant Gripsure decking allows pedestrians the ability to walk around without any concerns of slipping and falling.

Our anti-slip strips are factory-applied to the decking making the chances of slipping much less, particularly when wet or icy. These strips will also give slightly more protection against natural wear, making slip resistant decking a win-win.

If you’d like to see a more in-depth look at the features and benefits of our slip-resistant decking, click here.

Hardwood Decking

Hardwoods combine highly practical and aesthetic qualities making them a premium choice for decking.

The appeal of hardwoods lie in their rich, deep colours that weather over time to develop beautiful warmth and character that’s perfect for any garden. Hardwoods can be adapted to your colour preferences meaning they will consistently look the part and fit with your garden scheme.

As well as this, hardwood decking is resistant to fungal growth which can be a common occurrence for outdoor timber, meaning it will stay fresh with nominal care for years & years to come.

Depending on the design of your garden we can recommend the right species of hardwood for you here at International Timber. Get in touch!

Softwood Decking

Softwoods are a highly popular choice for decking for a multitude of reasons. If looked after properly your softwood decking will keep its beautiful look for years, it can be finished to perfectly suit the aesthetic of your home and it is by and large the more inexpensive decking option if funds are tight.

At International Timber, our softwood decking is pressure-treated to industry standards which enhances its durability to give the decking a life span of 30 years, giving you peace of mind and adding value to your home.

Modified Timber Decking

Here at International Timber we offer two different types of modified timber decking.

The first is Lunawood Thermowood. This innovative timber contains properties that allows it to balance the change of heat and cold, making the decking incredibly pleasant for pedestrians. Additionally, Lunawood is incredibly lightweight and resin-free, ensuring a smooth, seamless finish. It offers an elegant, durable and chemical free solution for terraces, patios and balconies.

The second modified timber decking we offer is Accoya Decking. It is a high-performance sustainable timber product and is built to outlast unmodified timbers. Accoya is a class 1 durable and will not rot for a minimum of 50 years.

To view both modified timber deckings, follow the link here.

And that’s it!

Here at International Timber we offer a wide range of different decking options, and we’re confident we have something for everyone.

Get in touch with one of our dedicated team members who can advise you on what decking is best for you just in time for the summer!

Oh, and don’t forget to follow us on TwitterLinkedIn and Facebook to keep up to date on all the latest timber news!

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