International Timber supplies Accoya to Classic Garden Furniture Co

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International Timber supplies Accoya timber to the Classic Garden Furniture Co.

International Timber recently completed a project which saw them supply Accoya timber to the Classic Garden Furniture Co.

The memorial bench manufacturer required Accoya for two reasons. First is its sustainable nature – dedicated to doing their part for the environment, the client was keen to only use sustainable materials for their craft.

The second reason is Accoya’s longevity – a 50 year guarantee is an appealing prospect for those looking to buy memorial benches to honour their loved ones.

Due to its naturally pale complexion, the client used a subtly tinted garden furniture oil to produce a golden sheen. Coloured epoxy resin and wood dye are also used in some of the techniques to personalise the memorial benches.

An added benefit of using Accoya is its ability to absorb colourants and sprays. Lacquer is used on the wood before carrying out wood engravings or pouring inlaid resin as this stops the dye or resin soaking into unnecessary areas, and makes for an exceptionally crisp finish to the wood engravings.

Due to the successes of this partnership, International Timber will be working with the Classic Garden Furniture Co. for all future memorial bench manufacturing.

The client said: “Deforestation and its effect on the environment is a concern of both ourselves and our customers. To be able to offer memorial benches manufactured from a sustainable wood such as Accoya with its longevity credentials is a boon for us.

“The bench inscriptions carve beautifully in Accoya and the benches when they’re complete look very sturdy and very handsome.”

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