International Timber supplies Accoya timber for the Hampton Court Flower Show

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Accoya timber board used in Cultivar greenhouse
Accoya timber for cultivar

International Timber was recently approached by Cultivar to supply Accoya timber for the Hampton Court Flower Show.

Cultivar, a world-leader in advanced greenhouse design, approached International Timber ahead of their upcoming appearance at the Hampton Court Flower Show as they were in need of Accoya for their showcased garden.

This year’s prestigious Hampton Court Flower Show was attended by gardening enthusiast across the UK, and Cultivar decided to design a Japanese themed-garden to complement their Accoya greenhouses.

Accoya in its natural state – clear, strong, straight and true – has the perfect look for traditional Japanese joinery which is also strikingly modern. For this reason, International Timber delivered high-quality Accoya to Cultivar for their Shoji screens, slatted Japanese bath house style fencing and the piece-de-resistance – an Accoya Torii gated entrance pergola which lead onto the stand in grand Shinto style.

International Timber was delighted to be a part of this particularly unique project, showcasing exemplar engineered timber.

We’re currently launching our brand-new Intelligence range, which focuses on traditional joinery methods with engineered excellence – to find out more about what we can offer you, check out our latest post here, or if you’d like to speak to one of our experts, get in touch!

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