Internal Cladding

Internal Cladding

Wood is an excellent material for interior walls and ceilings.  Selected for its colour, surface texture and grain, we can offer a range of timbers to suit every budget and taste.

Wood is an excellent material for interior walls and ceilings. Selected for its colour, surface texture and grain, the natural beauty and unique visual effect of wood is appreciated. A range of timber is available to suit every budget and taste, offering an extensive choice of wood products for interior decoration, wall and ceiling cladding.


Kiln drying is essential for any hardwood or clear softwoods being used inside, due to the wood being hydroscopic. To reduce movement internal cladding is recommended to be kilned to moisture contents ranging between 13% and 19%. International Timber have 8 kilns located in our Parkend facility, offering kilning services for internal situations on products which are not readily kilned like Western Red Cedar or timber which will go through the fire treatment process.


By working with a leading chemist, International Timber is now offering their own high performance coating for internal applications. We are also approved factory coaters for all leading paint manufacturers (Sikkens, Omnia and Teknos).

Fire Treatment

Despite the many qualities, wood is a combustible material and is susceptible to the risk of fire. International Timber can help you specify the correct and most reliable protection for your internal cladding.


Standard cladding profiles are readily available of the shelf; however, your job may require a bespoke profile. Our 7-day milling facilities enable us to machine profiles to suit your needs.


There are a wide range of species which can be used for internal cladding, in all kinds of situations. Typical applications are: feature walls, ceilings for commercial or domestic use, swimming pools and saunas. International Timber has extensive knowledge and can provide advice in terms of species for all kinds of situations.

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