External Cladding

External Cladding

Timber cladding is becoming increasingly more popular as a facing material, replacing brick or rendered finishes.  When using cladding for any external applications, durability is the main factor for consideration.

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Timber cladding is becoming increasingly more popular as a facing material, replacing brick or rendered finishes. When using the cladding for external applications durability of the timber must be considered. Due to the wet and windy climate that we experience in the UK, building façades are best designed in the form of a rain screen. The design allows rainfall to be deflected but allows moisture that gets into or through the outer layer to dry out before it does any damage.

Species such as Western Red Cedar and European larch continue to be the most popular product for exterior cladding, but thanks to new modified methods other species such as Accoya and Thermowood are also widely used. These products achieve greater durability without the use of preservatives.

At International Timber you can be confident that species within our cladding range are suited to perform in external rain screen situations.


To prolong the appearance and enhance the beauty of your timber cladding, International Timber provides a choice of coating options. Recently developed by working with a leading chemist, International Timber is now offering their own high performance coating for external applications. We are also approved factory coaters for all leading paint manufacturers (Sikkens, Omnia and Teknos).

Fire Treatment

International Timber can help you specify the correct and most reliable fire treatment for external applications, complying with building Regulations.


Our standard cladding profiles may not suit your project requirement; the 7 day milling facility enables us to machine bespoke profiles.


International Timber has extensive knowledge and can provide advice for your external cladding projects.



What is external cladding? 

 External wood cladding involves the addition of another material, such as timber, over the external walls of a building. This extra layer can help to increase the thermal efficiency and appearance of the construction.  


What is the best timber for exterior cladding? 

 Various types of wood are suitable for external wood cladding, amongst the most popular are Western Red Cedar, European Larch, European Oak and Douglas Fir. Modified timber such as Accoya and Thermowood are also used for external wood cladding projects. 


How much does external cladding cost? 

 The cost of external wood cladding will vary depending on the material you select. Timber is an excellent, cost-effective solution for most applications.  


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