Hardwood Decking

Hardwood Decking

If you’re looking for strong, durable and reliable timber decking, look no further than our excellent range of hardwood timber decking boards.

Sourced from slow-growing deciduous trees, our premium range of hardwood decking boards are suitable for both traditional and contemporary styles of decking. 

Hardwoods take longer to grow than softwoods, which makes them more expensive to purchase. However, you can rest assured that here at International Timber, you’ll get the best deal on your hardwood decking timber and get great value for your money. Hardwood decking boards are significantly long-lasting, when cared for properly they can last up to 40 years!

Hardwood decking is typically easier to maintain than softwood decking, as hardwood decking boards are equipped with a natural resistance to decay and rot, they’re also less likely to incur marks and scratches.

At International Timber, we have a fantastic supply of Yellow Balau Decking, which is a type of hardwood decking that is both aesthetically pleasing and durable. With a stunning, soft, natural colour, this type of hardwood decking timber is an excellent choice for all kinds of decking projects as well as other works such as piling, marine construction and heavy-duty industrial flooring.

Take a look at our excellent hardwood decking boards today.

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