Shingles & Shakes

Cedar Shingles & Shakes

Our range of Western red Cedar shingles & shakes add distinction to buildings across the UK. Shingles give a rich warm red colour, in time the natural effect of aging weathers this to an attractive silvery grey. Cedar shingles are one of the most flexible cladding and roofing materials offering ease of installation on standard construction projects through to complex architectural buildings. Red Cedar contains a natural preservative which makes the wood durable in its natural state. International Timber can offer pressure preservative or fire retardant treatments where required for enhanced durability or fire safety.

Mainly used for roof and wall applications, shingles have excellent insulation and acoustical properties. Wood is a good thermal insulator, helping reduce heating costs in the winter months and keeping buildings cool in summer. With its low density, western red cedar is the best thermal insulator among the ordinarily available softwood species and is far superior to steel, brick and concrete. Timber has more sound damping capacity than most structural materials, Western Red Cedar’s unique cellular composition helps reduce noise or restrict it to certain areas. Shingles and shakes are lightweight making them easy to handle, install and transport helping us look after our environment.

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