Ultrabed Softwood Shavings

Premium Quality Compact Wood Shavings

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Ultrabed shavings are bagged direct from the timber processing mill based in Grangemouth, Scotland. The shavings are manufactured from our production lines as a by-product from virgin material, which makes each bale Ultra environmentally friendly.

Ultrabed is dust extracted and produced from kiln dried timber giving a consistent quality. All of our shavings are produced under strict quality procedures on site, we can guarantee Ultrabed will only ever contain fresh new timber.

Demand for high quality timber bedding can on occasion outweigh supply. As a large manufacturer you can be confident in continued suppy all year to our selected partners.

Ultrabed comes in a handy size baled which are tightly compacted, making it not only easy to handle, but gives it a large bedspread. Ultrabed has smaller flakes to make it easier to muck out and avoid unnecessary waste.


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